5 Web Design Tips to Make your Life Easier

Creating a website is a simple task but making is a great experience for your user can be complicated. To make your life a little easier I have put together a few tips that will cut down time and stress as you polish your sites.


Pick a three-color Palette:

Keep your colors to a minimum. Having too many colors can make your user lose interest. It can be unappealing to the eye. You want your site to be consistent and cohesive. Check out this color palette site to help you narrow it down.

Blank Space:

Do not be afraid to have a little blank space!!! A prime example is Apple. They have done incredibly well and everything they have is simple and clean and mostly BLANK!!! Even take a look at the Apple Website. Clean, fresh, and lots of blank space.

Post-it note:

If you can’t fit everything from your homepage on a post-it, narrow it down. Sometimes less is just…MORE. Too much content or jumbles of words will not leave a lasting impression. A user can only consume so much on a first go around. Keep is simple.

Test how it looks on all browsers:browser-773215_640.png

This is SO important. You don’t want users having a bad experience simply because you didn’t check and the cross compatibility just isn’t there. You cannot guarantee that all of your users are using one browser. Take that into account while creating your site.

Optimize graphics:

Large graphics can bog down your site and make loading time take far longer than it needs too. Optimize your images and graphics to ensure quick loading time.

Easy Navigation:

Everything should be intuitive, including your navigation. If the user has to look for the link for too long they will close the window and not return. have someone try it out that hasn’t seen your site before. This will help! A fresh set of eyes can never hurt.

Hopefully these can help you start your websites and make life a little easier in the design world.


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